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About me

I have been keen on technical matters for since I remember. My adventure with computers started when I was about six years old. I got my own ZX Spectrum when I was 10. Shortly after that, I started experimenting with that computer, using an ancient language called BASIC.

Since that time technological development has accelerated. Today a common wrist watch has more computing power than my first computer had. Computer languages have been developed. Programming has become more visual and moved to a higher level.

Professional work

I began work as a professional web developer in the previous millennium, more than 20 years ago while I was a student at the Technical University of Gdańsk. In those years I was writing CGI scripts in Pearl. I also started programming in PHP3 which was just announced as a new programming language dedicated to web development.

Presently, I use modern programming languages and technologies such as JavaScript, PHP7, CSS3. From time to time I do some tiny tasks in Python, Node.js or Java. To handle datasets I prefer MySQL for its speed.

In most cases, I deal with applications with a user interface based on a web browser. I believe this is the most useful and platform-independent way of communicating between user and application. 

Power of a web browser

I am not a devotee of reinventing the wheel but in many cases fatty frameworks are overused. In general, I prefer "Vanilla" programming to utilise frameworks … but as always it depends on the circumstances.

I like programming but ...

Despite having used computers a lot for many years, I have many other interests. Thanks to many other activities, after over 30 years, I still have fun with programming and I'm happy to have a job I like.

Have you found an error on this website?

In many cases, I treat articles on this blog as a recap for my self. Despite that, I strive for all text to be correct and properly written. This is a kind of exercise and opportunity to practice writing in English. I'm not a native English speaker. Should you find some mistakes or hard to read grammatical constructions, please let me know.

I hope you will find some useful information here not only about computers but also about other matters.

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